Application Methods of HypOCln

How to apply HypOCln solution. 

Hypochlorous Acid is made using State-of-the-art Electrolyzed Water Technology, combining low levels of electricity, salt and tap water through a process called electrolysis, creating a “Salt-Water Biocide”, resulting in two products; anolyte and catholyte.

  • Anolyte: Sanitizer/disinfectant is the kill agent, fogging solution.
  • Catholyte: De-greaser/cleaner breaks down biofilm left behind from human contact.  

There are three different methods of application. 

  1. Trigger Spray: Replacing harsh chemicals and alcohols for surface cleaning on high touch areas including door handles, counters, tabletops, keypads,  etc.
  2. Misting/Spraying: Handheld sprayers and turbine sprayers. Complete airborne and surface cleaning within minutes. Dry misters are safe for electronics, non-corrosive, no wiping required.
  3. Misting Tunnels: Pass-through technology for shopping carts to ensure they are clean.